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No Charge 30-minute Introductory Telephone Consultation with Coach Carmen Marie Djemalian

No charge 30 minute introductory telephone consultation!
Direct Contact Information for: Coach Carmen Marie Djemalian
Phone: 514.802.8494

      Can you identify with the following:
  • you know you are settling for mediocrity, you know you can do better and deserve more for yourself and your family…
  • you want to take charge, but your lag behind in procrastination, yet you don't exactly know why…
  • your relationships (personal and professional) are going down the tubes; they don't understand and you don't have the patience to listen…
  • you think you have everything you need to feel happiness, but you just don't…

    Be the Master you are meant to be, at home, at work, with full integrity. Be the growth others (your family, your friends, your colleagues and partners) look up !

Taking charge of your life and embracing challenge is the first step to rediscovering Happiness. I have seen the lows and I have picked myself up to see the highs; celebrations quantum leap me into excitement and refuel me for more! I want to guide you to experience the same! Imagine what you can do with your life…improve your confidence, have better relationships, a more satisfying career, higher revenue, more fun….what are some of your dreams?
My wealth of experience and skill-set is all yours should you decide to take on this mission to rediscover yourself.
It all starts with a request.
One on one sessions and group workshops by appointment.