Parents and Families…read more

We offer parent support, therapy, and coaching as well as family therapy depending on your situation and needs. We help with a number of issues including parenting differences, management of child and adolescent behaviour, communication problems, conflictual interactions, separation and divorce issues affecting children, blended or reconstituted families, family loss or trauma, and infertility and adoption.  Our intervention approach and programs are tailored to each parent and family.

Couples and the Individual Adult…read more

We offer individual and couple therapy for issues such as depression, anxiety, personal struggles, relationship issues, fulfillment and career issues, childhood trauma and family of origin issues, among others.  Our approach is integrative and evidence-based, meaning that we draw on a number of therapeutic models and approaches that have been proven to be effective.   In addition, we individualize intervention to make it very meaningful to each particular client's situation.  Many people and couples who consult report that they have read the self-help manuals, know what they are supposed to be doing to produce the changes they want in their lives, but they still have difficulty carrying out strategies, or feel these strategies do not work for them, or else work for a short while and things go back to the way they were.  This is where we can help by tailoring effective therapies to each client's and couple's specific needs and situation, and identifying and resolving the specific obstactles are impeding the way towards long-lasting and meaningful change.   Consulting with a professional makes all the difference in making all the standard and useful information in self-help manuals work for you!

Dynamic and Effective "Power" Consultations that Inform and Orient Clients…read more

We provide the possibility of time-limited consultations (generally, 1 to 5 sessions), or "power" consultations, which are longer in duration than a standard 50-minute psychology session.  These consulations can be useful for people who: a) are former clients of our center who feel the need for some "booster" work;  b) have questions about how to deal with and what kind of help to get for an individual issue, or problem affecting their child(children) or couple or family life.  These clients want individual time with a psychologist in order to explain their situation well but are not quite ready to make a longer committment.   They are still in the process of figuring out if help is needed, where to go for help, are confused about what kind of intervention or therapy they should be seeking, and need guidance and recommendations regarding evaluations and/or their therapy options.  We are happy to provide feedback and detailed information in order to orient you towards appropriate evaluation and therapy services both in the private and public sectors;  and c) are not in crisis or distress, and who have already made progress on their issues either on their own or in a previous therapy but who want to make further progress by dealing with specific obstacles or challenges.  

We accept adult clients referred by the CSST, IVAC and EAPs…read more

We have experience with victims of trauma and crime, accident victims, and burnout and depression.  If you are having difficulty with such situations, if you are considering a leave of absence, are on disability leave, or in the process of returning to work, we can help.  We collaborate with agencies such as CSST and IVAP, employee assistance programs, insurance providers, medical doctors and neurologists, as well as neuropsychologists who may be involved in your care.  We can help bring you back to an adaptive and fulfilling level of functioning and facilitate a successful return to work.
   Help Available For:
  • Anxiety and Panic

  • Depression

  • Stress, burnout, and disability leave

  • Situational problems & adjustment to life and career changes

  • Loss & grief

  • Self Esteem, Personal Development

  • Professional and Career Issues

  • Infertility and Reproductive Medicine

  • Adults' unresolved family of origin and childhood issues

  • Foster and Adoptive Parent Concerns

  • Parenting differences

  • Parent coaching (management of child behaviour, developmental stimulation, and more)

  • Relationship and Couple problems

  • Marital and family problems

  • Adults' adjustment to their separation and divorce

  • Children's adjustment to separation & divorce

  • Co-parenting after divorce

  • Childhood Issues including trauma, neglect and abuse

  • Pre- and Post-Adoption consultations


   Mandates – Referrals -Consultation Requests    accepted  from:

  • Centres Jeunesse
  • Hospitals & Medical Clinics
  • Daycares & Preschools
  • Schools & School boards
  • Health Canada (Aboriginal Mental Health Services)