We invite you to take advantage of a 15 minute free telephone consultation! 


Telephone consultations can be used to:

  • acquire more specific information about services at the clinic.
  • obtain more specific details about an evaluation or therapy, such as time committment, scheduling options, and costs. 
  • discuss the various options you may have in your search for an evaluation or therapy.
  • ask about what would be suitable for you.
  • discuss issues that you may want to think about in choosing a service or professional.
  • learn more about the training, skills, and expertise about one of our professionals that you are considering consulting.
  • present one or more pressing questions about your specific situation.

To get your free telephone consultation:

Please fill out the contact form (on the "contact us" page) and we will schedule an appointment for your free telephone consultation. 

Any information (e.g., name, phone number, situation) divulged during the telephone consultation or on the contact form completed on this website is treated confidentially and according to all ethical and legal standards applicable.